Thursday, January 10, 2013

Frequently ask questions

1. How to join two yarn together?

THE BEST WAY is... to tie two yarn ends together, and saw the knot in, it will never pop out after washing

But I found this very interesting video, these method won't work for all kind of yarn thought

2. Is it easier to read crochet symbols or abbreviations?

Probably both, but symbols, are SUPER easy to understand.
I had never, ever made any project by reading one page long abbreviations! If you know how to read symbols, you can surch for patterns all over the world, because crochet symbol language is only one.

3. Crochet or Knit. Is one easier than the other?
Knitting uses both hands, crochet only one. Knitting may look a little bit easier because there's only two stitches (knit and pearl) but it's wildly complicated. Crocheting is a good beginner craft. You don't have to learn all of the signs or abbreviation at one, just the one you need.
Whether you choose crochet or knit, both are relaxing and fun.

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