Thursday, January 10, 2013

The best projects for begginers

    The easiest projects are
      1. A double crochet scarf (great exercise)
      2. A double crochet square pat holder (fast and easy)
      3. Any granny square project

      -You will learn double crochet stitch.
      -You will learn to count your stitches in each row.
      -You will learn to be patient!  

      Do not worry about abbreviations just start any project from these post
      You will learn more, and more with every project without even thinking about it. Books, symbols, or abbreviation are confusing and this blog is made to make crochet learning fun and easy. All it takes is practice.

      Learn to crochet a double crochet scarf

      For these project you need to know how to make chain stitch,  and double crochet stitch.

       one chain stitch


      15 chain stitches

      double crochet stitch

      14 double crochet stitch


      There is a chart of chain stitch, and double crochet. Every crochet project starts with chain stitch, on the chart below you need to count chain stitches to know how many you must make. Then count double crochet symbol, and you don't need to see anything more, because you have just read your first crochet chart. Just to make sure under the chart full description of the scarf making.

      1. First step. Make a slip knot.
      (I found a lot of pictures online, and videos how to hold the yarn, and it makes me angry that somebody would even suggest that you need to twist yarn over three fingers, what for?).  
      Look at this video, it is SUPER EASY
      2. Make 15 crochet chain stitch

      3. Make 3 chain stitch, equivalent of a double crochet stitch
      continue 14 double crochet to the end of the row. 

      4. Second row start with 3 chain stitch (instead the first double crochet), and then 14 double crochet to the end of the row.

      Every next row start with 3 chain stitches instead double crochet.

      Your first scarf may come out a little wavy, but the practice of repeating the same stitch over and over will help you to improve your consistency. You should get at least two skeins of yarn in your selected color.
      Continue until the scarf is long enough, and remember, count your stitches. 
      Below pictures of my beginning scarf.

      Ask me about video with more first projects for beginners

      I love to make crochet. I crochet almost every day, (except when I paint, or make jewelry). I am addicted to art, and crafts.  

      I would like also like to teach, second great projects, all about granny square, and more.
      I will give away a lot of my own crochet patters, and all kinds of crochet patterns I have collected throughout the years.

      My blog was born on 01/09/2013. It still needs a lot of work. 
      If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave me a comment or send an email

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